Makah's Maahk.

Makah's Makh

I guess Makers Mark doesn’t realize that 99% of people in Mass are Bud Light drinkers.

We all know that Bostonians are fond of their accents, but this is one of the most blatant uses that I’ve seen of it incorporated into advertising. What caught me about this sign is Makers attempt at localizing their ads. You wont’ find a sign like this anywhere else but in Massachusetts.

Still, you don’t see much local advertising by a national brand. Although quite a few local business flavor their ads with local references. Head down to Fenway on a game day and you’ll hear many shouts of “Nomah with no R!”, referring to the street vendors who sell Nomah t-shirts.

Surprisingly enough, the token Boston phrase, “Park the car at harvard yard.” is quite inaccurate. Harvard Yard is actually a quad area on Harvard’s campus. From what I can tell, there is no parking whatsoever.