Common People.

Pulp's Jarvis Cocker

I’ve been informed that I need to update this site. Trust me, I agree! What has it been now a year and a half? To be honest, I lost track sometime back in 2004. Or was it 2003? In any case, this is by no means a return to action. Ideally I’d redesign and go on a true blogging binge. Whether or not I can sustain any sort of routine of continuous updates remains to be seen.

For this post, I’m reaching back to 1996 when I was an undergrad. I went through a huge Brit-Pop phase my freshman year and Pulp was at the top. You could wonder into my room at any time and I’d probably be listening to Different Class which was huge at the time. So you can imagine how please I was to see Jamie Hewlett’s illustration of Common People. It’s a true delight to see on screen (ideally on paper) what’s been in my head all these years as I’ve listened to that song.

Common People was the standout track on that album (correction: on second thought, it wasn’t: Disco 2000 was), but honestly the whole album is great. Even after close to ten years, I can still put it on and it isn’t stale or dated. It’s basically all about sleeping with someone else’s wife/girlfriend. And now, for your enjoyment and listening pleasure: Pulp - Common People (since removed).

Stay tuned, more brit-pop posting (dare I say it?) tomorrow.