Language. Sex. Violence. Other?.

Last week, the Sterephonics came through town and I saw them at the 9:30 Club. I forgot what a great place it was to catch a show. Arriving a few minutes late, we had already missed the opening act and the Stereophonics had just begun their set. Not being all that familiar with their songs, I kept an open ear for the ones I’d recognize, but most of the stuff was from their new album it seemed. The show was excellent. Their set was a little on the short side, but long enough all the same. The crowd was so tame, I forgot how tame DC can be.

Sterephonics - Language. Sex. Violence. Other?

Listening to the band made me wish I lived in the UK. What a shame that some good music just doesn’t get heard here. Instead they cram American Idols down our throats (I don’t watch BTW, don’t even know or care who won.) So today I picked up the new Stereophonics album and it’s pretty good. There are some definite standouts.

Today’s mp3 (since removed) is their single: Dakota. It’s such a great upbeat song - crank it up and if you’re in the car who cares if anyone sees you looking like a goofball. If you’re sitting at a desk, just get a little pumped up and then maybe start shaking your legs. You may even need to get up and walk around afterwards.

Two days in a row. So take a look at me now!