Buried Treasures and Time Capsules.

I was delighted to read about the World War II era beer that was found buried in Southhampton. The coolest thing about it was that they reburied most of the bottles and when they are once again forgotten, someone else will rediscover them again.

I often think back to when I was in elementary school and we’d make time capsules. I remember leaving things like Garbage Pail Kid cards, baseball cards, matchbox cars, GI-Joe figures and things like that. By now, some of them would be buried for nearly 20 years. I wonder if they’ve been dug up yet?

There’s actually a whole society devoted to time capsules. But reading on I found that most time capsules are “usually are lost due to thievery, secrecy or poor planning.” What a shame. My “Adam Bomb” which was the most sought after card (I think) at the time, just rotting away in some metal cylinder. Maybe someone will find it when they knock the school down or something. Sigh.

But the true excitement would be in opening the capsule. Putting things in it is only mildly interesting. Just imagine what it would be like to open one up so many years later. To find things that were relevant at the time. Or like that scene in Amelie when Dominique Brotodeau finds the tin box in the phone booth.