Notes from Daniel Goldsmith's keynote: Take Your Next Best Step.

I really enjoyed David Goldsmith’s keynote address to our department. The theme of our meeting was transformational change and I think he got the message across. His question, “What are you going to be doing in 2015?” was met by silence. It certainly got us thinking. When you win by a nose, someone else loses by a nose. You don’t have to be that much better to win.

Winning too much could be problematic - capacity.

Connect form tactically strategic to strategic - become primary partners to the user.

Role: managing the supply of information or automating decisions based on information.

Would they label you a partner?

Most peple are just manufacturers and suppliers.

Leverage: in the same family, you leverage the family.

Chris Roofer, tomato paste company owner 300 employee company that is a totally flat organization rise to the occasion and then flatten again

Lion King movie - you are more than what you’ve become