Twitter Trends on Brizzly.

I’ve been using Brizzly almost exclusively as my twitter client lately on the desktop. It’s not perfect, but compared to, I really enjoy the additional features and attention to detail that was put into it. One of the things I really like is the way they annotate the twitter trends. Twitter does this too - using What the Trend? to provide their descriptions. What’s cool about Brizzly is that it invites it’s users to help out:

Brizzly - Twitter Trends

I’ve found that I pay a lot more attention to Twitter trends this way. Twitter has become my go-to for what’s happening with the things I’m interested in. It’s most fun to check out during Yankees games these days - I hope that doesn’t change for a few more weeks! Go Yankees!

Also, for Twitter on the go, check out Tweetie 2, it’s awesome.